Are you finding it challenging, time-consuming, and frustrating to organize shopping lists?

Streamline your daily shopping with Moonto and save time and energy

Moonto is a free shopping list app that helps you plan your weekly trip to the grocery store.

Moonto is also a loyalty card and coupon organizer. Stop wasting time clipping coupons and use Moonto to organize everything in one place!

Shopping Mode

Save time and effort when you're out and about shopping. With a tap, you can quickly mark items off your list. Furthermore, this function will prevent the screen from locking.

Easy Organization

It has never been simpler to keep track of the things you need to buy and share that information with the people you care about.

Fully Customizable

Adjust the quantity, price, and quantity as you see fit. Make your own custom shopping lists and store your items however you like.

Remember Everything

Have trouble keeping track of your household necessities? Make sure you don't forget anything by setting a reminder on your list.

Purchase history

Everything you need to know is right there in front of you when you open the app. Make a list, keep track of your rewards cards, and easily view your purchase history.